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I guess its the Bay Area that is to blame when it comes to explaining my lifelong love affair with sports. As far back as I can remember sports haven’t just been a good way to pass the time, it was really a way of telling time. When it was Winter you knew that Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin were trying to get the Warriors to the NBA finals. When it was Spring and Summer you could bet Will Clark, Kevin Mitchell, and the “Bash Brothers”, were swinging for the fences to get a shot at the world series. And once Fall finally came around, well you knew that Bill Walsh would be hard at work, either maintaining his dynasty in San Francisco with the 49ers, or trying to build another one down at the Farm with the Stanford Cardinal. And what time was it once all that was done? Well that only meant it was time to start the whole cycle all over again…

I have been a sports fan for 20 years now, and I cant imagine life without one of them. If I had to pick a favorite sport, I would probably pick whatever sport is currently in season, because I think they all have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. I’m the type of sports fan that loves to watch my favorite team play, just as much as I love to watch and complain about the teams I don’t like. If you want to be entertained I’d read all my articles! Haha, but really if your looking for some articles with some research and serious thought I’d stick to my college football, or baseball rants its probably what I know best.

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