Dave Swenson

Dave Swenson


By day, Dave Swenson is a mild-mannered therapist for both adults with drug problems and abused children, but whenever one of his clients is a no-show, he writes for the Bleacher Report! Enough of the third person. Baseball was my first love growing up- I even had a baseball in my crib- but basketball has narrowly edged it out in recent years. I also love playing football and rugby, and have played hockey, soccer, wrestled, and run track, as well. Someone once heard about all the sports I've played and commented that "I guess it's safe to say that you're a pretty athetic guy." My reply: "I wouldn't say that, but I do play a lot of sports." I still play baseball every Sunday (the highlight of my week), and get in on pickup basketball anywhere I can find it.
I spent most of my life in the DC area, and as such, I have the misfortune of rooting for the Nationals, Wizards, and Redskins- Sports' Holy Trinity of Ineptitude- as well as the Maryland Terrapins. My parents are from the greater Boston area, and also ingrained a love of the Red Sox into me. I moved to Tennessee a few years ago, and have learned to love the Vols, as well.
I make a general point to avoid writing about the biggest sports stories, simply because by the time I do, 50 other people on this site have already done so. I just stick to what I'm really passionate about, and if nothing should move me enough to write about for awhile, I won't write.
I always welcome thoughtful comments on my work or the stories it covers. Note "thoughtful," please.

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  • Marco F. C. posted 2770 days ago

    Marco F. C.

    Dropping some self-advertising, as your article about Washington inspired me to write a similar one about the Heat. I actually stole a line from you, just not for Evan Turner...


  • JW Nix posted 3131 days ago

    JW Nix

    check this out

    I think you may like it


  • Joel Barker posted 3142 days ago

    Joel Barker

    It's a delicate situation... but if God and the victim can forgive why cant we?


  • Sports Fan posted 3510 days ago

    Sports Fan

    Yeah, like I said I'm just taking a shot. Thanks for any help that you can give.

  • Sports Fan posted 3511 days ago

    Sports Fan

    I run a site: http://utvolsfootball.blogspot.com and we like to do interviews. (under Reg. Feat.) I was trying all basketball season to get an interview and nothing came through. I was just wondering how often you talked to Chris, if maybe we could set something up with him (all questions from fans) to show him we care and support him and also wish him luck with any possible NBA career. I really think it would be a great way for fans to show him their support, while him interacting with the fans. If it falls through, no big deal but I just saw that you knew him and thought what the heck. Great article,by the way, I will continue to read your stuff.

  • Sports Fan posted 3512 days ago

    Sports Fan

    Hey Dave,
    I saw your Chris Lofton article and wanted to get in touch with you. If you'd like to, you can email me at volsfootball5@yahoo.com so we can talk.

  • Ben Allaire posted 3521 days ago

    Ben Allaire

    Dave -

    Thanks for the read and for the note. I do like Simmons and his NBA stuff is very good. For dry wit and very astute observations, though, I prefer Kelly Dwyer over at Ball Don't Lie. The gentleman also produces a lot more than Simmons and it's always high-quality.


  • Ryan Droege posted 3522 days ago

    Ryan Droege

    That was a wonderful read, and an impressive first article. I look forward to more good pieces from you in the future.