Christopher Olofsson

Christopher Olofsson


I'm a student from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and I want to become a pro hockey player, I follow hockey pretty closely as well, I am well rounded with knowledge of everything hockey. I will be attending University in French since I am a francophone, the reasons are to get my common & civil law degrees. My favorite team consists of the Ottawa Senators, and my idol is none other than Daniel Alfredsson.

I play hockey, and am exceptional, I progressed pretty much as a sniper, I plan on playing professional hockey in Sweden in 5 1/2 years, I plan on working on my conditioning to push things further while preserving a high work ethic, and maybe, just maybe, signed by the NHL as a free-agent (since I am Canadian, and not eligible to be drafted after the age of 20). If I cannot become a person who gets paid to play the game he loves, I plan on becoming a hockey agent.

I decided to write articles last summer, though, I could not since my computer had succumbed to overheating, quite ironically, when I got it repaired, I had forgotten about this website since the coursework had been piling up, though I have overcome the semester while maintaining a very high average.

Cheers, to a fresh beginning, to a fresh semester!

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    Good Luck and all the