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Sports fan and blogger, I have been writing for most of my life, beginning in junior high school. Then I covered the local sports teams and articles for the local paper for a small stipend.

In the past I have been published in Let's Play Hockey, USA Junior Hockey News, Minnesota Basketball News,, and among other online sports sites.

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  • John Shubert posted 2916 days ago

    John Shubert

    Hey dude makin a comeback check it out

  • Darren Wong posted 2966 days ago

    Darren Wong

    Hi Scott, I've written something with an attempt at humor. Your opinions, feedback or tips on how to improve my humor style would be greatly appreciated.

  • King J posted 3031 days ago

    King J

    Bro we just completed the extended trailer for our MMA film!

  • ashley whiteside posted 3064 days ago

    ashley whiteside

    Hey, I hate to shamelessly self promote but check out my new article and let me know what you think bro.

  • Dorothy Willis posted 3071 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Hi Scott, I am a sixty-three year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis whose first experience with writing was an article in a Junior Achievement News venture at the age of seventeen, which was rejected. Yet after a successful career as a HS teacher and RN in several different specialties, I have now found a home here at B/R, largely due to the tolerance of Zander Freund. Thank you for recently becoming my fan. I totally appreciate your faith in an old girl like me and sincerely hope I never give you cause to regret your decision. Your friend, Grandma Dee