Jeff  Whilde

Jeff Whilde


Born in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Grew up an "Air Force Brat" in Colorado Springs, CO

Graduated with a BS Degree in Marketing and General Business from Arizona State University in Tempe

Moved to Los Angeles for 20 years to work in the entertainment business (Public Relations, Talent Management & Production)

Moved back to Arizona in 2003 to become a Realtor and settle down. Now I am a builder/developer

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  • Will posted 1002 days ago


    Back in the saddle I see. You know . . . of course . . . if the NFL thought they could use that cash cow to actually win and make money they would.

  • Paul Thomas posted 1523 days ago

    Paul Thomas

    btw, i enjoy reading your rebuttals to the Tebow haters. Keep up the God work.

  • Stud Lee posted 1584 days ago

    Stud Lee

    IF Will is ever on the Jets page, he doesn't comment. So what does that tell you?

  • Stud Lee posted 1589 days ago

    Stud Lee

    Are you familiar with a site called
    He hasn't been as active lately because he started another web site, but you will appreciate his writing. I think Dan Shanoff is the only media person who really, really 'gets it', And has since his first day at UF.
    He's also done articles for mass media (USA today, etc) on TT.

  • Desmond Perkins posted 1682 days ago

    Desmond Perkins

    Jeff I remember you said a team will pick him up in thirty minutes if he is release..Time to set the clock at the shelter..HaHaHaHaHa

  • Frankie Venditti posted 1683 days ago

    Frankie Venditti

    hm jeff it seems 8 days ago you said tebow would be signed by another team by the end of the week. i guess you have been inactive because you realized what a scrub tebow is and how no team wants him.

  • seawrestle posted 1688 days ago


    Your obsessed hahahahahaha!!!!!

  • seawrestle posted 1698 days ago


    your not rational when it comes to tebow

  • Bobbi posted 1724 days ago


    Hi Jeff: A little bit slow seeing your bulletin board huh?

    That's okay - no problem.

    NOW... You need to go to Will's Bulletin Board and respond
    to his statements so he will see your message.

    I like your profile pic... much better than the man with no face.

  • Jeff Whilde posted 1724 days ago

    Jeff  Whilde

    Will, I am only just seeing these comments. Never knew there even was a Bulletin board. At first I had no idea what you meant by the 1-to-20, 20-to-1 thing --- then I figured it out that it was the LIKES. Then I had to laugh because, even if I wanted to zoom my LIKES from 20-to-1, and then back again, does the system even allow you to do that? I wouldn't know how if I wanted to....and, sorry, don't have any insiders at B/R...nor would I think LIKES are that important to spend time doing that.