Pawel Hyrkiel

Pawel Hyrkiel


Graduated from film I have always enjoyed putting my opinion on "paper." I have followed my passion, F1, since 1995 and have seen it go though major and minor changes from season to season.

I've attended a few races, including the Monaco Grand Prix in 2009.

It is an exciting time in F1 and my life; F1 is rediscovering and rebranding itself while I move back to Poland.

Aside from F1 I love the Premiership, downhill biking, skiing, Le Mans, and so much more.

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  • Anthony Kang posted 2525 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    No problem Pawel, glad I could help. I also added a poll as I thought it was a fun idea, but feel free to overrule. And what job do you mean--the paid writing job? Unfortunately, I have no control over that, but did what I can to polish up your writing sample for you. Do let me know if you have any grammatical or writing questions in the future, no matter how minor, I'll be glad to help. AK

  • Ann Gry posted 3019 days ago

    Ann Gry

    thanks for the edit :)
    I made stupid mistakes, one time instead of pure racer I wrote pure racist...

  • Stuart Baird posted 3038 days ago

    Stuart Baird

    my picture is a f430 spider that was for sale in a local dealership.
    I havent yet seen an enzo in the metal, tho its on my things to do list!

  • Stuart Baird posted 3041 days ago

    Stuart Baird

    hi. read a couple of your articles, and i think they are really good.
    Also, love your profile pic!