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Sean Kelly


I'm 17, I love sports, and enjoy writing about them. That is all.

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  • Brian Son posted 3107 days ago

    Brian Son

    Hey I've written the latest installment of Deepak's series. Check it out.

  • David 'MITB' Jamieson posted 3111 days ago

    David 'MITB' Jamieson


    I've finally gotten round to writing a football article! It's about players with huge potential who never quite achieved what they should have.

    I think it will prove an interesting read. Let me know what you think.

    Please spread the word!!!


  • Paul Swaney posted 3183 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    I have found over the past month or so that I write best when I allow my heart to lead my head. Please check out my latest, I would be interested in any feedback you may have, or even anyone who would make your team. Thanks

  • Zander Freund posted 3257 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Hey Sean,

    Please have him email me directly and we'll discuss. My email is zander at

    Thanks as always...have a great weekend.


  • James Mortimer posted 3258 days ago

    James Mortimer

    Hi Sean,

    Note that you are community leader, what do I have to do to become co-leader, or at the very least the assistant.

    Am rapidly compiling articles on bleacher, and think it would be a fair reflection.


  • James Mortimer posted 3302 days ago

    James Mortimer

    Hi Sean,

    As rugby community leader, I have a question.

    I have written quite a few rugby articles of late, but notice they get very few hits. Why is this? There are close to 400 members of the rugby community, is there a way to access them more?


  • jim Faulkner posted 3403 days ago

    jim Faulkner

    Yep Horwell scored in both games against NZ in Australia. Giteau is great but his kicking can still be streaky, Barnes kicking is second to none, they are great when playing together. I think Burges is great also, he gets the ball out of the rucks quick, something we missed in the last 3 tests. he makes the odd mistake, but he is a great attacking player, generally i think he would be Australias best prospect in a long time at scrum half. Unless a great Aussie league half switches codes, i think Burges will be the man for many years to come. I would love to see Cameron Smith from league play number 9 in Rugby, he would be unbelievable, but as current captain of Australia in League, i doubt if that will ever happen.

  • jim Faulkner posted 3404 days ago

    jim Faulkner

    they need to win the lineouts and the scrums, and out compete at the break down, then that will neutralise the Aussie backs. The best backline in the world is useless with fowards going backwards. Watch out for Horwell though, and a couple of the new fowards like Brown, they have talent. I'm very surprised Hoiles wasn't picked. He's awsome.

  • jim Faulkner posted 3404 days ago

    jim Faulkner

    he's very young mate. He did some great things in super 14 , but he also made some big mistakes. Robbie obvously has plans for him. He will have a big future but it might be tough for him this early. I am not a fan of sharp, we have better options than him.

    If the wallabies could just get a stronger foward pack, i think the backs can beat anyone. With Barnes back to do the real kicking, and giteau to attack, the side is far more dangerous.

    Tahu will get another go and Cross will replace mortlock soon. Gasnier will play for them in the next 2 years. The backs will only get better, its the Wallaby fowards that need to improve.

  • Andrew McNair posted 3426 days ago

    Andrew McNair

    Hey mate.

    Yeah you can take the idea. It's no problem...I'm afraid my knowledge doesn't stretch far beyond international rugby so it'll be you doing the writing :)

    Be sure to let me know when you get it up and running so I can have a read.

    Good luck with it.