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  • Tyler Duma posted 1878 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    I deleted that last comment I left on here because it was a heat of the moment response. I got a little worked up about the message you left on my page.

    In any event, I may have overestimated how good the Reds were this year, however, I think you assume that when I write certain articles like "Why Mike Leake Can Win Game 5" or things of that nature, that I think that's actually going to happen. Did I think Leake was going to win? Absolutely not, however, I thought it worth writing why he could.

    You're welcome to think what you want about me but I can assure you I'm neither cocky or arrogant.

  • Tyler Duma posted 1888 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    Yeah thanks for stopping by my profile. You can try and insult me all you'd like, people make predictions and sometimes they prove to be wrong. You can try and say that I'm always wrong or whatever it was you said on my page, but the fact of the matter is I tried to write positive articles about the Reds. If I truly thought they were a bad baseball team, I would write articles that reflected that.

    You're like 99% of the people who read articles on here. Quick to jump down our throats, but never write anything on your own. Have fun seeing more and more of my articles on here.

  • Kyle Chandler posted 1889 days ago

    Kyle Chandler

    Just wanted to apologize for calling you a bad fan yesterday. I was in a really pissed off mood and wanted to vent my anger out somehow and you just happened to be the recipient of it. I have no hard feelings and wish you and the giants good luck.

  • Joshua Ramsey posted 1889 days ago

    Joshua Ramsey

    Thanks for becoming a fan Trevor and for the comment. I appreciate it! I hope you continue to read and I plan on following and writing about the Giants a bit throughout the rest of their run. Glad to see your a guy that "gives it" but in the end is just having some fun and a good guy yourself.