Sohail Chawla

Sohail Chawla


Everybody born in India is a sports fanatic. Never mind the fact that in most cases, its just one sport we are 'fanatical' about. Grew up on cricket, and developed an appetite for other sports as I came across them.

My first live 90 minutes of Manchester United were broadcast from Nou Camp, Barcelona, on THAT day in 1999. I was hooked. While some may call this jumping on a bandwagon, I was in fact leaping towards an unknown journey that has consumed me since.
Besides being a red-devil, I follow the fortunes of the other 19 teams in the English (Barclays if you prefer) Premier League and to a lesser degree, other teams in Continental Europe

Football aside, am an ardent follower of tennis and cricket (DUH !). That being said, most sports excite me to an extent. Yes, Golf too.

Have been writing since childhood and enjoy expressing my opinions, and I have lot of them.

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