Brodie Stephens

Brodie Stephens


A Freelance Journalist and Journalism student at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia; Brodie Stephens decided to combine his love of writing with his love of all things pertaining to this sporting life.

A long-standing and avid fan of the NBA, Stephens has a passion for developing the League brand in Australia by informing the Australian public of the goings on in the League and the performance of his fellow countrymen.

The NBA is on the cusp of regaining the popularity it enjoyed in Australia throughout the 1990s, with four players currently playing in the NBA and several more prospects with legitimate chances of being signed by an NBA team in the near future.

The recent establishment of a new 24-hour, free-to-air sports channel in Australia, has seen the NBA reach a wider National audience than it has in recent years. The channel, One HD, airs up to three live NBA games per week, as well as highlights shows and game replays.

During this exciting time, Stephens plans on gaining employment as an intern sports writer and has a long-term career goal of becoming the content editor of an Australia-focused NBA website.

For any writing assignments or questions, Brodie Stephens can be reached by email at

Brodie can be reached on Facebook at-!/brodieisnot?ref=profile

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  • James Wong posted 2727 days ago

    James Wong

    Brodie - how goes things! Any word on the Aussie project? Let's get it pumping ;)

  • James Wong posted 2802 days ago

    James Wong

    Cheers mate, good to hear back from you so quickly.

    Sound ideal - will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the future.

    Keep in touch.

  • James Wong posted 2802 days ago

    James Wong

    Hey Brodie - how goes things. Just read your "about me" part and seems cool you're interested in the NBA focus in Australia. As a fellow Aussie I am also very interested in this area and just wanted to let you know - let me know if you ever go into a venture or need some writers, anything like that.

    I'm not studying Journalism, I'm studying Commerce at the University of New South Wales but am also very interested in writing for an Australian-NBA type magazine or website etc.

    Best wishes mate.

  • James Wong posted 2956 days ago

    James Wong


    It's been a while since I wrote an articleon B/R but I'm back! Please check out and leave a comment on my new article regarding Tyreke Evans superb rookie season thus far.

    Cheers mate!

  • Keith Schlosser posted 3002 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    Is Dwyane Wade fooling us all and planning a secret escape to New York in 2010?