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  • Mista Amazing posted 1680 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Eh, I also say they would've lost because the Seahawks were hot.

    I'm from a crime-filled area in Atlanta and yet I still spell better and am more polite than a guy educated in the nerdy bay area. Shocking.... even though I could be mean when I wanted to, only because I was suspended for making another midget cry

    And I'm not butthurt man, lol idgaf about these lame arguments anyways.

    QBRs are inaccurate stats. Ask anyone. And Kaepernick's rating was only 2 higher than Ryan's rating when he was a rookie, so idg your point there.

    Wow, you put that gay comment for her? Then put it on her damn profile! And she's not even from Atlanta. Calling me a dipsh*t, god you're dumb.

  • Mista Amazing posted 1681 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    So my name is Matt, I'm suddenly white?? You're an idiot.

    OPINION??!! HA!! You call using "penis", "vagina", "chokemaster", "retard" in your comments, stating your opinions?? Stop trying to act like a innocent lil bum.

    QBR is a horrible use of comparison. One incompletion totally changes your QBR and if you already have 4+ tds and keep getting more your QBR won't get that much higher. Also td-int ratios hardly impact the QBR. So overall it's stupid. And yards per attempt, he's had better rbs and a better PA passer, which leads to deeper completions. Kirk Cousins beat Joe Flacco and had a better "QBR" does that mean he's better?

    I meant, Wilson had a bad game in SF. And the Niners and Seahawks didn't even play in the playoffs, so why would you bring up the playoffs in that situation? So you claim blowout losses mean nothing, but you say, if team A (niners) beats team B (falcons) in the playoffs, and team B blows out the team that blew out team A( giants) , the win by team B means nothing? You must've completely forgot that the Giants beat the Niners in the PLAYOFFS the previous year.

    So you're one of those guys who's like " A win is a win"? If your team lost to a team because the refs were horrible, you'd just ignore it and say win is a win? Okay....

    Braves won't choke. This is not last year. You wish they'll choke, lol. Since the Giants ain't doin sh*t this year. They won't even be close to the Braves this year.

    "more gays per capita" are you mental?? Show me the source. And I'm not even gay, what's your point? SPEAK UP!!! Atlanta is also nicknamed "Phatlanta" due to the number of obese people. I'm not afraid to show the fault of my city and neither should you.

    WTF would I want to insult you? You are a troll everyone knows that. All you be like "Kaepernick>Ryan", "Matty Lice is a choker bwah bwah" "waahh Julio never gun be Megatron wahh" crying all day. Put on your Barney pacifier kid. Is calling me a retard and a moron supposed to hurt my feelings?? I encourage good sports discussion all you day is S/O body parts, wtf ru, a porn star? I have better things to do than insult lil 10 year olds. Like live. I know, you wouldn't last a day w/o trolling others. It's okay.

  • Chubby1 posted 1681 days ago



  • Mista Amazing posted 1681 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    "I was just messing with you about the college teams lol Im not a Stanford fan. Just demonstrating how easy it is to ruffle your falcon feathers!! lol "


    Braves will still get farther than the Giants. And I must've gotten confused between you and another guy, so hard to tell the difference between them since y'all all share the same trait of stupidity. And the writer predicted us to destroy you: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1604690-san-francisco-49ers-2013-nfl-schedule-game-by-game-predictions-and-analysis/page/17 and I too was shocked. Yeah, great way to come at me bro, using profanities and genitals.

    For the hundredth time it was the defense that made us lose that game. And Kaepernick is surrounded by a great defense and rbs. Look bruh, I'm not saying the Falcons defensive players are better, their kicker is better, I'm saying you don't know football because you claim Kaepernick is better than Ryan. By your logic, the 49ers run didn't matter since they didn't win the superbowl.

    The Seahawks blowing you out does matter, since Wilson had a poor game, and the Seahawks weren't even hot at the point the Niners barely beat them at home, but when the Seahawks played at home they demolished SF.

    "And not ONE team beat Seattle in their house! They have the best home field advantage in the league!" You forgot the Fail Mary. And the Falcons actually were supposed to have the better record at home; they rested their last game besides Ryan, and that game didn't matter anyways since we clinched homefield advantage. We won every other game.

    Yeah and clearly you're a Falcons hater. I saw the last two comments you posted were just hatred on the Falcons. What's worse you have 0 proof. Troll with nothing to do, how sad :'(

  • Mista Amazing posted 1682 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Are you stupid the Giants are 3.5 games behind of the playoffs, calling others douche what a fail:

    1 Cardinals 41-22
    2 Braves 39-24
    3 Dbacks 35-28
    Wildcard: 4 Cincy 37-26
    5 Pittsburgh 37-26

    Giants are 33-29!! And Braves aren't choking now weren't you paying attention to our offseason moves you fool??!!

    49ers-Falcons. Yeah they have a better history, playing 16 years more but we real fans don't givea fck. Now it's a tossup. The whiners got crushed by the Giants at home and we beat them 34-0. Watch as we smack the Farty Whiners in their last game at Candlestick.

    Hawks have an overall better history and have been more consistent over the years, 1 more champion makes the Warriors better?? Lol okay w/e.

    Georgia bulldogs= 5 claimed titles, 2 heisman winners, 31 all americans, 27-18-3 in bowls, and .647 overall record

    Cardinal= 2 claimed titles, 1 heisman winner, 30 all americans, 11-12-1 in bowls, and .596 overall record. Smartass. And we play in the SEC. Now with the playoff series will benefit us because in the BCS had us winning the division all the time, but we had the play the best team in the nation while the 2nd best team in our division gets put into a BCS bowl!!

    And the Falcons should be able to win a few superbowls in the future. And you say the Niners are better than the Seahawks?? 42-13, lmfao. What happened to so-called best QB in the league again?? He is trash if you play him against good defenses.

    I use stats, you use achievements only. You don't how to compare two teams. That's why you know nothing. Stop trolling on the Falcons pages lil boi and I'll stop trolling on the Niners. You started it clown, you get it.

  • Mista Amazing posted 1682 days ago

    Mista Amazing


    49ers: They lost to the Rams and tied them, lol. Won't win their division next season:
    Falcons: Went 13-3 (woulda gone 14-2 in their last game they didn't even try it and rested) twice in the last 3 seasons. Chokers?? We lost to the Cardinals, Giants, Packers, and Niners. That's a combined 13 teams that lost to those teams in that logic I guess those 15 teams were chokers too. Niners are never gonna win the superbowl and won't win the division EVER cuz the Seahawks are younger and far better.

    Warriors: 2 playoff appearances in the last 20 years, lol
    Hawks: Made the playoffs every year since 08 and will get better this offseason

    Giants: Aren't even in the playoff seeding, and won't make the playoffs cuz they have a lot of catching up to do
    Braves: 2nd best record in the league, and will get the best because the Cardinals have a tough schedule

    Sharks perennial contenders?? When's the last time they've made the Stanley Cup?? Besides Hockey is gay.

    You're an idiot if you think the Cardinal is even close to the Bulldogs. Not history-wise or currently. Yeah they make it to the Rose Bowl, representing the Pac-12 who don't got nobody good except Oregon, who kicks your *sses every time. And since OSU and Michigan go into higher bowls they play cruddy teams like Nebraska and Wisconsin. The whole pac-12 is horrible. SEC has Georgia, Florida, Bama, Tamu, LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee and Auburn who's in the pac-12?? Stanford, and Oregon, who tf else?? Washington, USC?? UCLA maybe?? You know nothing about sports lol

    Cuz you an idiot.

  • Mista Amazing posted 1683 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    LOL, well a lot better than Bay Area that's for sure.

    Let me refer to your old comment: Kaepernick>Ryan (in our post)

    And you know your backup statement? He has more playoff wins. Yeah, due to a better defense and running game, and a controversial call at the end of the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7Od7TGVg7Q

    This call would have given us a first and goal and pretty much, winning the game. So he would have more wins than Kaep in the playoffs. And I'm not even talking about stats. Let Kaep play at least one season then talk.

  • Mista Amazing posted 1684 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    You know nothing about Football.

  • Ben Peterson posted 1705 days ago

    Ben Peterson

    Alright man, thanks for the explanation. I'll try not to be a stranger, but do you see why I said that? It was hard for me to believe that someone could be that stupid. Glad to know that you aren't.

    Even so, if you don't want to be trolled, the last thing you should do is troll yourself. It just irritates those people that you want to stay away and encourages them to come to your boards.

  • Michael Patmas posted 1775 days ago

    Michael Patmas

    J. thank you so much for that incredible endorsement. you have no idea how much that means to me. i'd love to write again for B/R. i am not a professional journalist or a writer. i'm just a fan and a doctor. so, my articles needed too much editing for spelling and grammatical errors. so they suspended me! :(