Michael Wines

Michael Wines


I grew up a Navy brat, meaning we lived in a lot of different places. England, Guam and all over the USA. My Dad finally retired to Eugene, Oregon in 1965.

Eugene has a lot to offer. A mild climate (just a little wet), centrally located in the heart of the Willamette valley. Only an hour away from the ocean, mountains and Portland. It is also home to the University of Oregon. Two of my 3 sons graduated from the U of O.

Back in 2004 I decided to try my hand at blogging. I wanted to focus on Oregon football and basketball. That leaves quite a bit of time without much happening to write about. I started doing a "What Is it?" post so there would always be a fresh article. Every so often there will be random posts on golf, the Yankees, family or tech news. The main focus though is always the Ducks. You can check it out here: http://winesfamily.blogspot.com/


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  • Jeff Kneis posted 3297 days ago

    Jeff Kneis

    Hey Michael—Jeff here, a Bleacher Report Community Coordinator.

    I've been spending time on our Oregon page and read a couple of your old articles. Really on-point analysis...you do good work.

    Given that you haven't written in a while, I thought I'd check in and see if you're interested in picking up your coverage again. What do you say?

    If not, it would be great if you could give me some feedback on why you decided to stop writing and what we could have done to better serve you. If you wouldn't mind, please shoot me a line at jeff@bleacherreport.com with any thoughts.

    Thanks so much,


  • Buddy Smith posted 3311 days ago

    Buddy Smith

    Hey Mike,

    I did a piece on the future of the Seahawks. I thought you'd like it.