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I am originally from Dallas, but I currently live in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon- the third largest city in Mexico, 2 hours from the RIo Grande.

My favorite sport is basketball. I love it intensely and I am a big fan of the Mavs, the other Texas teams, and the Cavaliers. The players that I most admire are Dirk Nowitski, Steve Nash, and Yao Ming.

I like Pro Football and Baseball a lot as well. NCAA football can be exciting but the lack of a playoff system and legitimate championship turns me off.

Living outside the U.S. I have developed a taste for soccer as well as the internationalization of sports in general. I look forward to the day that teams in Mexico and the States compete regularly against one another.

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  • DeRod Hafford posted 2606 days ago

    DeRod Hafford

    Yeah, Dirk 's 1-on-1 defense isn't that of a Dwight Howard but,it is still pretty good and he is still a top clutch player in the NBA. His 4th quarter ft%, fg%,and turnovers are amazing.

  • DeRod Hafford posted 2607 days ago

    DeRod Hafford

    I just woke up and I'm still half sleep was that towards me or or my readers?

    Dirk's stat line 31pts 12reb. 3ast 3blks1to

  • DeRod Hafford posted 2608 days ago

    DeRod Hafford

    Well said Andru! Yeah, Dirk 's 1-on-1 defense is not good but he is a top clutch player in the NBA. His 4th quarter ft%, fg%,and turnovers are amazing. There is one thing that Dirk has become really good at that doing but doesn't show up on the stat sheets. When players are driving the ball he slaps the ball out of their hands. Now most of the time it goes out of bounce but it still has an impact on the game because of the shot clock and them having to reset the offense