Heather Dick

Heather Dick


Grew up a Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls (thanks to my old man) and Atlanta Braves (mom was all about Dale Murphy) fan. Still favor those teams, but as an adult I grew into following the Cubs and the Spurs (kind of a given, after living in San Antonio for almost 15 years while growing up). Of course, being a Texas alum, I am a loyal Longhorn fan (Hook 'em!). While most people who know me don't know this about me, I grew up collecting cards. My father used to take my brother and I to Bev's Card Shop to reward us whenever we made good grades, after doing yard work on Saturday mornings, or after going golf ball hunting (yes, you read that right, but to explain that is another story for another day). I would carefully open each package of either Topps, Skybox, Upper Deck, or Fleer) and would sort through them, careful not to damage them, then I would organize them and put them in the plastic sleeves in binders. Each month, we would look up the values of the noteworthy players in Beckett, but we never sold them, except when my brother sold a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card to Bev! I memorized so much sports trivia when I was a kid growing up, it was ridiculous. Looking back, I remember getting excited when a game would come on (except when dad started cussing at the t.v., then I would get scared!) and open each new deck of cards hopeful that I got at least one good card that I had been looking for to complete a certain team or a rookie card - that was like striking the lottery! I have such fond memories of spending time with my old man and big brother talking (arguing, really, since I was quite an opinionated child) about teams, players, and of course, watching the games. So that, my friends, is how my passion for sports developed. I always wanted to be a sportscaster, but after my first Journalism class in college, I quickly changed my mind. Now I wish I would have pursued a career doing just that - writing about sports, because I would have been getting paid to do what I love. That is why I signed up here (minus the monatery aspect!), to write and read others perspectives on the wonderful world of sports. Feedback is always appreciated and sarcastic remarks/witty comments are always welcomed. ;)

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  • Henry Ball posted 2940 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    I have just published a battle cry for (LSU) Tiger Nation. It's a must read for Tiger fans and it might be my best literary effort to date, I hope everyone will enjoy regardless of team or sport affiliation.


    Please let me know what you think, I hope you like it and feel free to recommend it to a couple of friends if you find me worthy!.

    Thanks in advance - HB

  • Court Zierk posted 2942 days ago

    Court Zierk

    Heather, thanks for the fan add. If you're interested and aren't easily offended, I encourage you to check out my latest article. I always appreciate feedback. Tahnks.