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  • wholly33ND posted 1510 days ago


    Emily, you suck! sorry but you do. I'll tell you why you suck... you spent a great amount of time smearing Golson last season regardless of whether he played good or bad and you gave TR all the love anyone could possibly get. This season you and the other Golson haters can lick you wounds now that TR is out there showing us exactly all that he's made of. I don't see one thing you've said yet that criticizes TR and I bet you would probably point the finger at everyone around him. If you're going to criticize someone at least be fair!

  • Notre Dame Irish posted 1540 days ago

    Notre Dame Irish

    Emily, I am not sure if B/R republishes interesting stories but I always found this one fascinating from a 2012 ESPN Blog by Ivan Maisel on the Michigan - ND rivalry I am sure others would also

  • Michael Tmad Finney posted 1549 days ago

    Michael Tmad Finney

    Hi Emily,

    I agree, Brian Kelly has been successful at every college He has coached at. From what He has done thus far at Notre Dame mirrors what Saban has done at Alabama. I have looked back at the recruiting years at Alabama and seen that they slowly climbed the depth chart to #1 over a span of 6 years. Notre Dame has just began that climb and should match course either this year or next. What I find interesting, is the fact that Kelly has produced championship and or BCS caliber teams with lesser talent than what Kelly is pulling into Notre Dame now. Kelly is truly the right man for Notre Dame, and feel that Irish eyes will be smiling this year and many years to come. Go Irish!

  • Michael Tmad Finney posted 1550 days ago

    Michael Tmad Finney

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for responding and explainging the offensive abilities of the Pistol. As for season predictions, I agree with everything you said. I Feel that by game two, We will know how our sason will pan out. I think if the Irish win or lose by a small margin to Michigan, We will struggle with teams that are tough. But if We win by a couple touchdowns or more and not allow much points scored against us, I feel that this year could be very special. I think We have the right players and coaching staff to win every game, as long as we run the right plays, the Irish will b a dominant team!

    But as you said, we shall see.. Go Irish!!
    Oh Also, it is a pleasure to have met you.. Keep up the great work :O)

  • Michael Tmad Finney posted 1552 days ago

    Michael Tmad Finney

    Your articles are a very in depth read. I liked the one about the Power O, yet it looks as if the Irish are sporting a Pistol formation instead, yet I think this could work very well for the Irish. What do you think of the Irish's chances this season? From what I have read and seen, I think they could replicate last year or even fair better. What's your toughts? Again, great articles..

  • peter henderson posted 1552 days ago

    peter henderson

    In a February article about Kiel you quoted his tweet 'gonna need catfish for this one.' You didn't bother to explain what on earth he was talking about. I had to do some googling to figure out the meaning. That is poor journalism. Explain unfamiliar terms and obscure metaphors. Throw the reader a rope.

  • Emily Haile posted 1554 days ago

    Emily Haile

    Always a pleasure to help a fellow Emily! :)

  • Irish Rock posted 1578 days ago

    Irish Rock

    Please write another article

  • Daniel Collins posted 1584 days ago

    Daniel Collins

    Great work, keep it up! Go Irish!

  • DASBOOT76 posted 1611 days ago


    All I have to say is that you are damn sexy!!!!!!