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I'm currently based out of the Boston area but have also lived and worked in Europe for many years. I'm not creative enough to be a writer, but I love polishing other people's writing. That makes copyediting a natural fit, and sports reporting has to be one of the most interesting areas out there.

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  • Brian Roach posted 1804 days ago

    Brian Roach

    Thanks for the edits, Lea!

  • Alan Hubbard posted 1805 days ago

    Alan Hubbard

    Thanks for the edits, Lea. I definitely appreciate the re-writes on a few sentences. They certainly read better, which is something I've tried improving upon lately.

  • Joe Tansey posted 1807 days ago

    Joe Tansey

    Thanks for all your edits, Lea.

  • Alex Sims posted 1812 days ago

    Alex Sims

    Thanks for the edits Lea. That "Team: Overall Game Grade: A" was the format I was given in the assignment e mail. I felt it a bit unnecessary while I was writing it, but stuck with it anyway per the assignment.

    It looks much better now that you've fixed it, so I'll leave it as is. Thank you.

  • Adrian Fylonenko posted 1818 days ago

    Adrian Fylonenko

    Thanks for the edit Lea, really appreciate it!

  • Luke Petkac posted 1821 days ago

    Luke Petkac

    Thanks a lot for the edits Lea. Sorry for the dumb mistakes!

  • Brandon Burnett posted 1826 days ago

    Brandon Burnett

    Thanks for the edits, Lea.

  • Craig Amos posted 1827 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks for the edit Lea. I know the title is a little bland, but that's how it was assigned to me, so I just followed along with. Thanks again.

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 1832 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thanks Lea for your edits and feedback.I would love to work hard on my writing.

  • Max Towle posted 1835 days ago

    Max Towle

    A late thank you for the edits, Lea.