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Ashley Fakava


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  • Michael Pizzutillo posted 1802 days ago

    Michael Pizzutillo

    Thanks for the edit and comments! Much appreciated

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 1802 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Thanks for the edits. I changed the video to one that featured Carlos. I guess I copied the wrong link the first time.

  • Jim Flannery posted 1805 days ago

    Jim Flannery

    Thanks for the edits and feedback, Ashley. So far as I am aware, there's nothing in the new NHL deal that actively jerks the fans around, aside from my assumption of them catching up on all the lost revenue by jacking up ticket prices. :)

  • Craig Amos posted 1810 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thank you for the edit.

  • Matt Saccaro posted 1810 days ago

    Matt Saccaro

    Thanks for the edits.

  • Brett David Roberts posted 1813 days ago

    Brett David Roberts

    Ashley, Dirk and Gasol were the best I could do because I wanted to limit the slideshow to high profile players. Much thanks for the edit!

  • Hayden Deitrick posted 1816 days ago

    Hayden Deitrick

    Thanks for the edit Ashley. I added solutions where necessary. Thanks again.

  • Jeffrey Schmidt posted 1819 days ago

    Jeffrey  Schmidt

    Thank you for the edit, Ashley! I just added a few sentences to the money paragraph if you would like to take a look.

  • Dave Siebert, M.D. posted 1819 days ago

    Dave Siebert, M.D.

    Thank you for the edits on a holiday! Much appreciated.

  • SMG posted 1819 days ago


    Hey Ashley, thanks for the edits! I changed the source of that link. Please let me know if you think this is better. Thanks again!