Rich Milich

Rich Milich


Born and raised in Washington, PA, southwest of Pittsburgh.
52 year old Steeler die hard living the dream in Boise.
Have lived in Dallas and Seattle for my job but hate the cowboys and indifferent to the seahawks.

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  • John Nardi posted 1724 days ago

    John Nardi

    Thanks for the message Rich. You didn’t come across as an ass at all. People are passionate about sports. I try to keep it in perspective and not take it too seriously.

    I learn a lot from reading your posts, and the others on here. Many people have insight that sometimes you just don’t think of or never even considered; often times moreso than many of the writers on there.

    Don’t get me wrong on Dwyer. Not his biggest fan, but considering Mendenhall was coming off surgery, and based on preseason I thought Dwyer earned the starting nod. With only 25 career carries up to that point, little did I know he would constantly be taking himself out of games/series due to lack of conditioning. Just based on that, the Bell pick was warrented. Something had to be done.

    Take care!

  • Chris Roling posted 1770 days ago

    Chris Roling

    Hey Rich, thanks for the kind words. Miami fans are happy about their new receiver, as they should be. Anyone speaking against it will of course be attacked, but such is the nature of NFL fans. Thanks for reading and supporting. Take care.