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Stove Pipe


Life long NY Giants and (long suffering ) Knicks fan living here in Bills and Sabres country. Watch the NBA religiously, to the exclusion of any other basketball except the occasional SU game. SU football season ticket holder for 15 years (did I mention long suffering?), I've seen every big SU football game at the Dome since opening night when Joe Morris returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Man oh man, there have been some memorable times there; Miami, VT, Pitt, WVU, BC every other year for most of it, Michigan, Penn State, Oklahoma, ND, Washington, Illinois, Florida, Nebraska and the rest.

I'm a pretty opinionated asshole at times, so this may just be the right venue for me. I'm going to start writing articles soon, focusing on the NBA, Giants and SU football. Stop back often and tell me where to get off.

FYI, The pic is me and Ken Norton at the Boxing Hall of Fame fights at Turning Stone Casino. I'm the white guy.

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  • JW Nix posted 2913 days ago

    JW Nix

    you may dig this :

  • Kyle Langan posted 3151 days ago

    Kyle Langan

    And as for my avatar... Like you once said, lets stick to football.

  • Kyle Langan posted 3151 days ago

    Kyle Langan

    Dont tell me that my comments dont stem from a passion for my team and the game. Myself and a few others hapen to think it ridiculous that so many are pining for a receiver. You are the only one here who strayed from discussing football. You have absolutely no right to diminish my work as a community leader.

    And for the record, you never ASKED me to "keep my comments respectful", you took a personal shot, then attempted to take the high road by saying your protecting this forum and its participants. Yeah right pal, the only one who disrespected anyone here so dont give me your crap about respecting the forum.

    If you dont believe that harrison is a murderer, fine. But it is an ongoing case and I find it pretty ridiculous that any giant fan would want to have someone like that on their team.

    Theres your source. I do all my research and I also encourage MY COMMUNITY to do the same. Im sorry that you view me as a crappy community leader, er rather, diminished my status as such, because you believed something different than I. Like I said, looks like you cant handle some good old sports banter. No one here is upset but you.... And as for you attempt to let me know thta I should keep my comments respectful... Sounded pretty hypocritical to me

    It is you who is making an ass of themselves by calling me out on other peoples work. They say wisdon comes with age, but you coulda fooled me prick

  • Tony Meyer posted 3171 days ago

    Tony Meyer

    Hey Stove,

    I just put together a list of the biggest NFL draft bust from each team. Take a look at the list and let me know what you think. Thanks!!

  • David Geller posted 3252 days ago

    David Geller

    I think the Giants will be just fine without Spags.

  • Kyle Watt posted 3257 days ago

    Kyle Watt

  • Kyle Watt posted 3259 days ago

    Kyle Watt

    My articles speak the truth, Stove.

  • Travis Rand posted 3324 days ago

    Travis Rand


    Was wondering if you may be able to leave some feedback on me and some other very dedicated Giants fan's first roundtable! I hope you enjoy it!


  • David Geller posted 3331 days ago

    David Geller

    how the giants will win on sunday