Reverend Devin

Reverend Devin


children's author/ culture blogger/ long-time wrestling lover

it seems like a lot of my comments get deleted on here. That and the hack writing done by some of these guys makes me wonder why I come on here

my favourite things about wrestling right now:
colt cabana's art of wrestling podcast
seth mates twitter (@sethmates)
barbershop window t shirts
paul heyman/ cm punk's alliance

colt cabana/ cm punk/ cliff compton/ kevin steen/ el generico/ seth rollins/ dean ambrose/ savage/ the rock/ 90's shawn and dx/ ministry of darkness/ al snow/ jerry lynn/ mr perfect/ mark henry/ daniel bryan/ kane/

I love WCW, ECW, WWF and ROH. I grew up during the Attitude Era/ Monday Night Wars. I have a large collection of WWF/WCW magazines, VHS and DVD's. I have read many many books on wrestling and wrestlers.

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