Alex Klymyszyn

Alex Klymyszyn


Alex Klymyszyn is a recent graduate from the University of Leicester with a degree in Contemporary History. Alex is a fan of just about all sports whether British, European or International, but is especially interested in Football, Cricket, Rugby and Golf.

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  • Parth Pandya posted 2576 days ago

    Parth Pandya

    Hi, Do check this article by me on and share your feedback


  • Jon Naylor posted 3473 days ago

    Jon Naylor

    Hi Alex,
    Having been CL of the cricket section for a little while now, I'm looking for new ways to get people talking and build the community, hopefully making cricket one of the more popular sports on Bleacher Report.

    With that in mind, I've decided to do a 'Round Table' column, based on Michael Whittenberg's examples in the NBA section. What this basically comprises of is making a collaborative article from many different writers about a particular subject.

    The headline I want to use is:

    'If you could have any player from another country in your national team, who would it be and why?'.

    I want to get a global perspective and hopefully build a really good discussion.

    If you want to take part, then please write 50-100 words answering that question and send it to I'll collate the quickest entrants and publish an article on BR.

    Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon,


  • Jon Naylor posted 3478 days ago

    Jon Naylor

    No worries Alex - it's what I'm here for. Really liked the article; are you planning on becoming a regular contributor to the cricket section? I'm planning on expanding it and we could always do with more quality writers.