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  • Zalil Cortez posted 1676 days ago

    Zalil Cortez

    the Big 10 sucks, bro. enjoy your destined beatdown by Nick Saban

  • The48415Buckeye2 The48415Buckeye2 posted 1723 days ago

    The48415Buckeye2 The48415Buckeye2

    Mors, adam biggers has threathen you with some type of censorship for posting on his recent article. I FIND THAT DISTASTEFUL AND SMALL-MINDED. Keep up the good work!!!

  • T Locken posted 1763 days ago

    T Locken

    I do have to say, YOU CRACK ME UP! You and Buckeye Soldier just killing Michigan fans. It's awesome by the way! I like the way you write, able to just crack on people, it makes reading just that much better.

  • Wolverine Blue posted 1794 days ago

    Wolverine  Blue

    You claim your name is is the sound you make when talking while getting Tea Bagged. Death to my are a DONUT. haha, I am having fun with your pompous ass

  • Yost Ghost posted 1796 days ago

    Yost Ghost

    14-0 at the Big House since Hoke has been top dog here, punk!

  • Wolverine Blue posted 1806 days ago

    Wolverine  Blue

    I did my best to let it ride you POS...don't disrespect my family. That photo you got up there...did your mother shave before they tattooed her ugly azz? SHE looks like an 8 miler crack ho. BTW, where did you get your name? Sounds like your sister has a mouthful my yogurt. Fuck you

  • Robert Reese posted 1813 days ago

    Robert  Reese

    Omg, dude. I read just all your responses to this thread. " The Stage one: denial and isolation stuff, stage 2, etc., etc" is brilliant fvck*ng work my man. Brilliant. You never cease to amaze me with the amount of goodies you'll incorporate into your ownership of Lolverine fans.

    I've gut rolled about 10x reading B/R this past fall, and 9 of them have come from you.

    You got those numbnuts on lock-down, brother.

    (yeah, I'm banned for the 17th time....again).

    I'll be around making sure your lock-down efforts aren't in vain my

    As usual, keep up the most excellent work.

  • Robert Reese posted 1817 days ago

    Robert Reese

    Been reading some of your "art" after/since The Game 11/24/12. Priceless. I love it. I've never laughed so hard. Keep up the good work.

  • Robert Reese posted 1823 days ago

    Robert Reese

    Lol. Good job on enticing the rage that you do out of Lolverine fans. Keep up the good work.