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  • S.D. Native posted 1870 days ago

    S.D. Native

    My email:
    What in the world were you thinking??? This article could not possibly be more irresponsible and immature. How dare you condescend to and belittle the Chargers' fan base so? This response is something I would expect from some brash twenty-something, not from someone who should certainly know better. After reading this, my first instinct was to complain to the author's boss. Imagine my dismay to find that these words are from the PR Director himself ... UNBELIEVABLE!

    AJ Smith issued the following statement: “I know a lot of our fans are upset about our recent games and should be. Their passion is what drives our sport. They can be critical, but I also know that they can be there with us with great support and enthusiasm. But it’s a two way street. We have to win games, turn the corner with consistent winning football. We have to give them something to believe in and get excited about. We are going to do that. We have to.”

    Smith's is an appropriate response.

    I was alerted to your article by the algorithmically generated Google News frontpage so you can expect to get a lot of readership.

    I strongly suggest you release an apology along with an updated response

    His response:
    Thank you for taking the time to write. You shared some very valid points. I appreciate it.
    I've been a fan for a long time (since the 70s). I wrote that from the heart as a fan – not as the PR director, but unfortunately they listed my title making it look “official” – in hopes of reminding all of us that we’re 3-3 with 10 to go and right in the middle of the division race. I did not mean to criticize anyone for being upset. That is their right.
    Bottom line, everyone at the Chargers is just as disappointed as our fans. I can attest that no one here is going to settle for this. As a fan of this team, I’m with you in saying this team needs to play better. In this business, winning is the only thing that matters. Chargers fans just want the team to win and it’s on the Chargers to make that happen.
    Thanks for writing.

    BILL JOHNSTON | Director of Public Relations
    San Diego Chargers