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52 yr old woman living in Iowa with my wife. She's my soulmate. When we met we knew we were meant for each other. I'm originally from PA came here with my ex fiance. We lived with his mom for a year and a half then she evicted me. I moved out and lost my job a month later. I got help from the mental health system. I got a new apt. and got my SSDI. My wife is from ND. I flew out to meet her last April and when I got home my back pay came in and I got a car. In May of 2008 I went back and got Karen and brought her and her cat Munchkin Jade, and 2 dogs Sheba Rae and Montana Rose. 2 days after she was here my cat Serenity died in my arms and 3 weeks later we had to give the dogs to a rescue mission or we were going to be evicted. We're only allowed 1 animal so we kept Munchkin. It was hard on both of us however the girls went with no problem and never looked back. Our cat keeps us amused everyday.

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    David Yeazell

    Hey, thanks for the nice comment. Welcome to Bleacher Report. I look forward to reading your articles.

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    Kelly Crandall


    Hope you "like" it