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  • Eric Jiang posted 1205 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    You're still here?

  • Long gone posted 1438 days ago

    Long gone

    Yeah. The Hawks gritty guy is DeMarre Carroll.

  • Long gone posted 1449 days ago

    Long gone

    Hi, what are your thoughts on Matt Barnes?

  • Indians Fan posted 1494 days ago

    Indians Fan


  • Long gone posted 1494 days ago

    Long gone


  • Small Fundamental posted 1496 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Well to be fair, Manu was one of the quicker players in the league, in his day... He would pounce on every loose ball and not many people beat him to it....

    Hmmm not yet, but under Pop under and Duncan, Splitter will continue to improve. He is just entering his prime and it doesn't hurt to get lessons from the greatest Power Forward of all time....

    What do you think of these All Stars for this season?
    Chris Paul (or Tony Parker)
    Stephen Curry
    Kevin Durant
    Kevin Love (or Lamarcus Alridge)
    Demarcus Cousins (or Tim Duncan)

    John Wall
    Paul George
    Lebron James
    Carmelo Anthony
    Joakim Noah

  • Small Fundamental posted 1499 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Hmmm, I am bad at making up trades.... But I saw somewhere, there might be a 3 team trade....... Must wait and see....... At the beginning of the season, I wanted the Spurs to get Asik cuz I thought Splitter was waaay too soft, but Splitter has really proved himself this season...

    Havliceck is a good player but you gotta remember, he was the 6th pick or something... Manu was the 56th.....

    But you are right about Manu. He was not a 6th man for his whole career... There was a season, he started for all of the Spurs games as well I think...

    Hmmmm Ginobili has a slightly higher defensive rating than Havlicek and slightly better FG% as well.

    And this season, per36 minutes, Manu is averaging 17 points 6 rebounds 7 assists & 1.5 steals on 47% FG and 38% from 3. That's pretty darn good for a 36 year old

  • Small Fundamental posted 1499 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Hmmm, but will Portland want to make a move and disrupt their good chemistry?

    Asik can be a whiny b*tch sometimes......... And isn't Lopez playing pretty well for Ripcity? I don't watch a lot of their games..... I doubt they would want to trade him...

    What will you say if I say Manu Ginobili is the best sixth man of all time? :)

  • Small Fundamental posted 1501 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Apparently they are going to trade him next week...

    Which team do you think he will go to?

  • Small Fundamental posted 1503 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Yeah but would that type of strategy work in basketball?

    It might work if you're trying to sell a car or a property.......