I'm Alan Hubbard, and I'm a Miami Dolphins fan. If that sounds a bit stilted and awkward, that's because for years admitting to being a Dolphins fan felt more like a shameful confession than a proud proclamation.

"You're a Dolphins fan? Why?!"

Because of Dan Marino, more affectionately known as the Right Arm of God. Because of Larry Csonka, the meanest man with a moustache you've ever seen. Because of Ricky Williams, before his pot-induced vacation from relevancy. Because of the future I'm hopeful Ryan Tannehill is leading us towards.

Because of my dad, the only Dolphins fan I know who rivals my passion for the ol' Aqua and Orange. And because I'm loyal to the team I love with all my heart, whether they're good, bad, or nonexistent (that last one would, admittedly, make them hard to love, but I'd find a way).

Oh, and I am a pretty big Florida Gators fan, too.

Outside of football, I spend most of my time reading comics, listening to metal, playing video games, and quoting Jurassic Park more than anyone probably ever should.

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  • Peter Richman posted 1590 days ago

    Peter Richman

    No worries, Alan! That's what I'm here for. Keep up the good work.

  • Maya John posted 1614 days ago

    Maya John

    Want to be Fan you.

  • Bryan Day posted 1712 days ago

    Bryan Day

    No problem, Alan. I love to read the work of passionate fans like yourself. I can learn a lot about different teams and athletes, and it's very entertaining.

  • Thomas Galicia posted 1868 days ago

    Thomas Galicia

    Thanks for becoming a fan!