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  • Max Towle posted 807 days ago

    Max Towle

    Haha no, my time with B/R is done. I work for New Zealand's public radio right now. I did write this before the season:

  • Abz posted 1243 days ago


    Hey Vayam. Yeah Looong time!

    Shaw is only 19 but he out performed all LB's last season. He's quality. If we get someone like Vermaelen and promote players like Blackett, I think we'll be fine in the LB department. Plus I'm guessing we're playing 3-5-2 so wing backs can be made easily, like Welbeck would become a wing back.
    Shaw was 27 million. Plus we got 7 from Buttner so it's not that bad :P

    I was gutted vidic left. He could've easily played a season more. Oh well.

    I'm more worried about CB's. I really hope we buy 2. If it's just Vermaelen then we're screwed. De Vrij would be nice. He had a great WC.

  • Abz posted 1520 days ago


  • Abz posted 1521 days ago


    Haha it was extremely loud, he called the security one me after things got intense!

    Hopefully mate. What's your prediction?

  • Abz posted 1527 days ago


    Completely agreed, Vayam! You make a good point about Zidane and Scholes actually. Fair enough.

    Not too sure about Giggs in the middle though, because Keane was a monster for us! Not sure Giggs could've have lead us as well and he can't tackle like Keano, no one can haha!

  • Abz posted 1536 days ago


    I'm extremely biased because Scholes is my favourite player of all time. But trying to put that aside, i have to say Zidane and Ronaldinho were amazing to watch. Ronaldinho was an amazing showboater and had such amazing skills, but Zidane for me was the complete footballer had everything.

    I'd say Beckham wasn't in their league in terms of talent but heart and determination made Becks amazing, and he was one of my favourites too. Giggs always was consistent and of course immortal but again, didn't quite have the standout seasons like the above names.

    If I had to rate the ones you named I'd say; Zidane, Scholes, Dinho, and then Figo, Beckham, Giggs.

    What'd you think?

  • Abz posted 1536 days ago


    No idea mate :/

  • Abz posted 1537 days ago


    He had issues with bleacher report and they agreed to let him go for something he didn't do. It was stupid.

    Terry was told to write articles he didn't want to write about. B/R have lost the two best writers in the football section. Such a shame man.

  • Long gone posted 1547 days ago

    Long gone

    Are you new?

  • Abz posted 1548 days ago


    Hey, thanks man :)

    I'm seriously considering applying next year sometime. I'm not sure i have enough experience to qualify though.

    Wbu? Interested in writing?