Vicki Williams

Vicki Williams


I came to NASCAR accidentally. Was writing a novel and wanted my hero to be a NASCAR driver so I had to do research to sound knowledgeable so I bought Sunday Money by Jeff MacGregor. Reluctantly, I picked it up and began to read and fell in love with the cars, the drivers, the spectacle, the stories. My first race to watch was the 2008 Brickyard 400 (tire fiasco). I decided whoever won that race would be my driver. Of course, that was Jimmie Johnson, which has meant hours of pleasure for me!

I'm the last person anyone would think of as a NASCAR fan (and truly, some of my friends think I've gone senile in my old age). I'm a plump, gray-haired 67-year-old, Obama-voting, C-Span watching liberal who doesn't especially like beer or barbeque (although I do love guns and country music). When my co-workers at Indiana Legal Services saw a picture of the 48 car as my screen saver, they asked, "how did that get there." I said, "I downloaded it." One said, "I figured you'd have Obama." "Nope," I said, "Jimmie." They walked away shaking their heads.

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  • Rob Tiongson posted 2919 days ago

    Rob Tiongson

    Vicki, I'd super appreciate it if you read my newest work which is an interview with a driver I feel we'll be hearing a LOT about in the future! Thanks!!!