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Native of Athens, Alabama (home of Chargers QB Philip Rivers). My first memories are of crisp autumn afternoons, Bear Bryant, Ozzie Newsome, Golden Flake Potato Chips, and Coca Cola in a bottle. In fact, I can't remember a point in my life when I wasn't playing or working on the gridiron.

After college I did it all in the sports world. College sports, basketball radio guy, hockey trainer, substitute boxer during halftime of hockey games (long story), sports editor, stats guy and all around grunt. If there was a job to do I was standing at the ready. During those days I worked for coaches and administrators who like me, were working their way up the ladder. Fortunately they brought me along for what was a great ride. I've worked the last 6 Super Bowls as well as other major sporting events. I'm living proof of the old saying, "you don't have a job when you love what you do."

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