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  • H C posted 2307 days ago

    H C

    This is "Straight Outta V-Town". I want to thank everyone here for your continued support for my articles on Allen Iverson. I wish I could write more but unfortunately BR no longer allows me to write anymore and the truth unfortunately could not be reached to a wider audience through the BR platform. They seem intent to shut me down and I could no longer access my old account. I am contemplating my next move. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on twitter at (I usually retweet articles I write on here, bloggers, or "Daily Trojan" on there. Iverson's daughter was kind enough to retweet one of my articles on A.I.) . Once again, thank you and let's hope we could see A.I. ball like it is 2008 again.

  • Siddarth Sharma posted 2394 days ago

    Siddarth Sharma

    Hey, I enjoyed reading your article on AI. Thought you might like this one:

  • john joseph posted 2593 days ago

    john joseph

    Just saw your comments about Blake do you feel now? You've lost all credibility.

  • Xander Mendoza posted 2659 days ago

    Xander Mendoza

    nice article, Straight. AI is indeed one of a kind. i can't believe this is happening to him. AI is the best, pound for pound. no question, only ANSWER!

  • Old Account posted 2906 days ago

    Old Account

    Hey Tyson,

    Matt Miselis, Baltimore Ravens Community Leader here. I just wanted to let you know as the leader of this community that it was enjoying to read your article on why Troy Smith should be traded.

    It will be interesting whether or not Smith finds a new home next season.

    As I begin my voyage of making the Ravens community one of the best on B/R, I encourage you to continue write about the Ravens, as you do seem to talk what you are talking about.

    I also suggest you join the Baltimore Ravens community for future updates and ideas that may happen in the future.

    Anyway, I thank you for your time and hope to see you continue writing for the Ravens in the future!


    Baltimore Ravens CL

  • Keith Schlosser posted 2910 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    This week I had a chance to interview Knicks legend John Starks about what he is up to and what he thinks of the Knicks today. Check it out if you'd like:

  • John Azam Azam posted 2916 days ago

    John Azam Azam

    Hey Tyson,
    Here is my new article I just wrote

  • Daniel K posted 2918 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hey there Tyson.
    I recently wrote an article about Allen Iverson vrs Brandon Jennings and Philly vrs Milwaukee. Hope you take a look and leave a comment:
    Hope to see you there, then!

  • Keith Schlosser posted 2988 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    Since all else has failed, I see no reason for the Knicks not to sign Allen Iverson.