Victoria Benick

Victoria Benick


Being the only girl sandwiched between two brothers, it was hard to grow up and not be surrounded by sports. I'd cut clippings out of the newspaper, I'd collect football, baseball, and basketball cards so we could trade, and I'd watch an endless number of games just so I'd fit in.

But as we got older and watching turned into my playing, I quickly discovered my athletic skill was non-existent. So while they played, I turned away with the other un-athletic girls and fell into what all other girls fall into; makeup, clothes, and boys.

It wasn't until years later, when those boys we all grew to love gave me and my girl friends an ultimatum; we would either learn to like sports or have nothing to do on our summer afternoons, fall Sundays, or winter nights. Like any smart girl would, I learned to like sports. And within the past few years, i've gone from casually glancing at the T.V. when any given team would play to making a point every fall Sunday to see if my Carolina Panthers can pull through for a win.

I'm not a expert and I make no claims to be. However I enjoy most games and here are my sports and subsequent teams of choice:

I enjoy baseball but since I find it more exciting to watch from stadium seats then from home, it's been hard for me to chose a team to follow. However, this year I've decided to branch out and pick a team so join me in my excitement as I am a new New York Mets fan.

Basketball and I have just recently been re-introduced after many years in hiatus. But since I’ve been reminded of how much I enjoy watching those exciting games, this year I’m choosing a team to follow. It's been a drawn-out decision but I've decided to stay local and follow the 76ers, so stay tuned for what I learn!

My football Sundays are dedicated to the Carolina Panthers. I’ve followed them since 2006 in their many ups (2008!) and downs (currently), but my loyalty will continue to stay true nonetheless. And in college football, being a Rutgers Alumni isn't complete without being a Scarlet Knights fan, so go RU!

And finally, while I’m not a die-hard Hockey Fan, I couldn’t grow up watching the Mighty Duck movies and not have a soft spot in my heart for the sport. So my loyalty here lies with the New Jersey Devils. And honestly, I’m pretty sure that my younger brother would disown me if it didn’t.

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  • Ash Marshall posted 2795 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey Victoria,

    Here are a couple baseball stories I thought you might enjoy reading. The first is a behind the scenes look at putting together the Mets new Hall of Fame and museum that opened in April, and the second is an interview with the man who owns the Mookie Wilson ball that got through Billy Buckner's legs in '86.

    Any feedback would be fantastic.



  • Double G Sports posted 2897 days ago

    Double G Sports

    hey I saw that you are a Rutgers alum and fan..check my site out I cover some Rutgers football on there as well as other NY and NJ area sports. You can also find me on Twitter (DoubleGSports) and facebook, as well as myspace. Hope you join me!

  • Ash Marshall posted 2908 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey Victoria,

    I recently had the chance to speak with first-time Olympian John Daly. I hope you get a chance to check it out.



  • Erik Frenz posted 2910 days ago

    Erik Frenz

    Thanks for the edit and the positive feedback!

  • Sayre Bedinger posted 2914 days ago

    Sayre Bedinger

    Thanks for the edit, I appreciate it. Good comments to work with

  • Bronx Baseball Daily posted 2916 days ago

    Bronx Baseball Daily

    Don't edit my articles if you are going to change the meaning of the headlines.

  • Marzia Hazra posted 2916 days ago

    Marzia Hazra

    Thanks for the edit and the feedback :)

  • Honor Warren Wells TheTorch posted 2916 days ago

    Honor Warren Wells TheTorch

    Thanks for the edit, Victoria.

  • Justin Cates posted 2918 days ago

    Justin Cates

    Thanks for the edits and tips Victoria. Much obliged.

  • Bleacher Report posted 2923 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Thanks so much Victoria.

    Your feedback is always such a boost to my confidence ;-)

    Much appreciated.