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  • Long gone posted 1331 days ago

    Long gone

    How are you?

  • Long gone posted 1336 days ago

    Long gone


  • Nicole posted 1379 days ago


    so uhm, im not your girlfriend, haha
    in your wildest dreams dude

  • paul wales posted 1383 days ago

    paul wales

    Oi oi ladyboy

  • Nicole posted 1490 days ago


    uhm.. i dont like it haha. i only enjoy 3 songs from it (for now).. it's just too different for me :(

  • Long gone posted 1514 days ago

    Long gone

  • Nicole posted 1560 days ago


    hi :) yeaah, they're giving away sooo many hints!! grr

  • Dan Riaz posted 1574 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Damn XD

    Well for me, its only just Shield and Lesnar keeping me around. Things arent the same with The Rock gone. I find overall, WWE is too imbalanced. They do really well in some parts, others its just really not good enough you know? Barrett is a prime example of this, IC champion jobbing everyweek, no real feud, creative dont care. Its just like.. WTF... this guy was meant to win the MiTB last year and now look at him.

    Choc Lesnar huh? XD

    Id actually rather people like Rhodes and Barrett get pushed instead of Langston and Ryback.

  • Nicole posted 1580 days ago


    i knoww!!! its awesome :)
    and uhm, i have it........on the.......wii...... hahaha

  • Nicole posted 1581 days ago


    drums in the chorus are cool too :P but yes!! THE SOFT PART!!!
    soooOoOoOooo sooorryy yoou're not heeeeeeerreeee iiiiiii've.....been sane too long my vision's so uuuuncleeeeear, YYEEEEEEeeeeah