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  • Urbs Ticker posted 1737 days ago

    Urbs Ticker


  • Wolverine Blue posted 1761 days ago

    Wolverine  Blue

    Just thought I'd take a moment to say hello to the supreme douchebag on Bleacher report. PS, I heard the goat at FOB Ghazni is prego...congrats, you are going to be a dad.

  • Mike Muratore posted 1830 days ago

    Mike Muratore

    I'm in for a treat? Awesome. Look, have the last word. Think what you'd like. Say what you'd like. I'm not going to pretend to understand what you are angry about... but if it makes you feel better... have at me.
    Stay classy Buckeye fan!

  • Mike Muratore posted 1830 days ago

    Mike Muratore

    Look... I'm not sure what happened to you, or what you are missing to make you a normal well adjusted fully functioning memeber of modern society... but it's clear that I'm not going to fix you.
    Think what you want. I truly don't care.

  • Mike Muratore posted 1837 days ago

    Mike Muratore

    To your first point... we got owned. I didn't see that coming, I was wrong. What can I say. You can ask anyone around here, I call it like I see it, good or bad, and am usually one of the more level headed writers on the ND page.
    Am I still a homer? Of course. But no more than you would be for the Buckeyes. (Quite a lot less by the sound of your hostility!)
    I picked Alabama 24-14. I go the 14 part right! I thought we'd stop their run... once I saw that we couldn't I knew it was going to be bad for ND.

    To your second point... why get personal? Who are you? I'm happy that you read and contribute to the site, but why do you feel that the internet and it's anonymity gives you the right to be so hostile and so insulting? Is that how we behave now in this society? Come on man. It's a football entertainment site. It's supposed to be for fun. I'm not a paid writer. Never pretended to be. I write opinion, nothing more. I never pretend that it is anything more. If you made an assumption based upon god knows what and were later informed that you were wrong...

    Thirdly... YOU ARE A DOCTOR? And you act lit this?
    I'm just a guy. Why do this? What kind of person are you to be so willfully insulting?
    I guess all I can say is good luck and I'm sorry that I brought about so much rage.

  • midnight warrior posted 1855 days ago

    midnight warrior

    here's the thing:
    even if what you say is right about Hoke, and he is a mediocre coach, the sad thing about the Big Ten is he can still be successful here. i would probably still take Hoke over all but one coach in this conference. NOBODY ELSE is proven! only Urban Meyer. Hoke could probably keep going to the conference championship game from here on out by winning the Legends Division. that's what this Godforsaken conference has become. a mediocre coach having the most conference wins in the past 2 years of any other school. besides, the recruiting and elite coaching staff might be able to prop up him even more