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Born and raised in the depths of central Minnesota, I am currently attending school at Concordia College in pursuit of a degree in Music Education. I am a fan of both the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Redsox, and hope to someday be able to strike out Nick Punto with my knuckleball (how hard can it be?). Tim Wakefield, in my opinion, is the closest thing to Pope that a Protestant could ever hope for. He will one day win 25 games, strike out 300 batters, start an All-Star game, and consequently cause hell to immediately freeze over.

As much as this pains me, I must also admit to being a Minnesota Viking fan. Each week before gameday I force myself to choke down an industrial strength tranquilizer in preparation for the imminent 4th quarter meltdown. In my humble opinion Tarvaris Jackson has a ship cannon for an arm and deserves a legitimate chance at leading a playoff caliber football team. That being said, I have to respect Gus Frerotte because he's practically my Grandpa.

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