James McNicholas is a London-based freelance football writer and the man behind Arsenal blog Gunnerblog.com. He started the blog in 2004 and has since written widely on the subject of soccer for the likes of the BBC, The Observer newspaper, FourFourTwo magazine & ESPN.

Away from football, James is a successful comedy writer and performer.

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  • Felipe Godoy posted 926 days ago

    Felipe Godoy

    Hello Mr McNicholas, I think that will be in our mutual interest that we keep an eye in Alexis Sanchez rest periods. Me, as a Chilean, and you, as an Arsenal fan, know of the importance that Alexis had in both teams. Also we are aware that both Jorge Sampaoli (Chile's DT) and Arsene Wenger are very reluctant to give him a game off and tend to play him in every match if possible. One of Alexis biggest assets is his physical prowess but having played a long and very successful first year in the Premier League followed by an intense Copa America, that thankfully we won, surely must have take a toll on him. I bring this matter to your notice because you, as an Arsenal fan, expects that Alexis can have a rest between seasons to heal his body and clear his mind but unfortunately I think that may not be the case this time, and not for the next years. By winning the Copa America 2015 Chile will play the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_FIFA_Confederations_Cup) and next year there could be another tournament for Chile, the 2016 Centennial Copa America in USA if it take place (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copa_Am%C3%A9rica_Centenario). Next will be the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the following year the 2019 Copa América in Brazil. So if Arsenal fans are expecting that Alexis can rest between season, then you're probably gonna be disappointed. Alexis is a very important player, both for Chile and Arsenal, and I'm not saying that you nor I have any kind of saying or influence in the way Arsenal or Chile National Team are runned, but the simple fact that this subject is talked about it and gets acknowledge maybe the discussion on the matter eventually gets to someone who does have a saying. I figure that is better be safe than sorry. I apologize for any grammar mistakes (English is not my first language). Cheers.

  • D.W. S posted 968 days ago

    D.W. S

    Also , are you impersonating Blogs, or is Michael Cummings just very confused?

  • D.W. S posted 968 days ago

    D.W. S

    "James does not have any favorite writers." Why not, James, why not?

  • Gooner posted 1046 days ago


    I really like your blogs and I look up to you!

  • Gerard Bernat posted 1066 days ago

    Gerard Bernat

    You're an absolute disgrace, stick to comedy because your football journalism is an absolute joke.

  • Felipe Godoy posted 1182 days ago

    Felipe Godoy

    Hello Mr McNicholas, if it's not to much trouble I got a question for you. I just watched Arsenal's game vs Anderlecht and was a really poor performance by Arsenal today. Defense was poor in the first goal and there was three more chances for Anderlecht to put the game away, especially that mishit to the bar that every defender just stood to watch. Chambers was the highest on defense and Gibbs scored but Arsenal defense didn't look good. The goalkepeer did pretty well tought in his debut, no fault in the goal and showed good reflexes to keep the one goal difference. Midfield was awful today: they didn't create anything, at times they were simply overrun by Anderlecht's midfield and the worst part was that they didn't even help to bring the ball up the field. Sanchez at some points was playing center-midfield just to touch the ball and if I'm being honest it gave me a lot more confidence that he was the one bringing the ball up field than Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere or Flamini. Wilshere was especially poor but Ramsey and Cazorla didn't do more good either. With Flamini, you get what you paid for. Welbeck and Sanchez were left isolated up front, especially notorious in Welbeck's case because Sanchez comes down to help in the build-up. Sanchez was the most dangerous player and the only one that brought anything different to the game. I'm not trying to be pessimistic but the more objective I can be: it was an awful game against a very weak opponent (no disrespect to Anderlecht, who have a very talented but very young and inexperienced squad). One has to wonder what Dortmund, Real, Barca or Bayern would have done if they had played Anderlecht today. And more important to Arsenal fans, if they had played Arsenal.
    So my question is: is it the lack of deep in the squad? is it the great list of injured players? is it the quality of some players? or is it the DT tactics?.
    I asked because when someone tries to solve a problem first he must identfies the source but in Arsenal case I just see a big mess.
    It'll be interesting to know your opinion.
    Sorry for the long post and for grammar mistakes (English is not my first language).

  • Bob R posted 1309 days ago

    Bob R

    Hi James. Thanks for your acknowledgement of the USA fans at the World Cup. I have to mention that "ex-patriot Mexicans", while it goes happily through the spellchecker, means "Mexicans who were once patriots and no longer." I think the word you were looking for is "expatriate Mexicans." While I don't usually quibble with misspellings, and I doubt that anyone would take this as anything other than such, it might not go over too well with any Mexican who takes it literally. Mexicans, after all, are rather fiercely patriotic people.

  • Advaith Suresh posted 1320 days ago

    Advaith Suresh

    Do you think if Giroud was to be left out the team frequently, would Ramey's performances drop? A lot of Ramsey's goals have had Giroud playing a crucial part in them. His header against Dortmund, his second goal against Sunderland and his goal against Norwich(away) are a few examples. Or do you think any other good striker can fashion out these chances for Rambo?

  • The Triumvirate of Brilliance posted 1438 days ago

    The Triumvirate of Brilliance

    Oh yeah, another thing. I was on who wants to be a millionaire last week and there was this Chris bloke facing me, seemed pretty knowledgeable about the gunners. Couldn't have been you, could it?

  • Advaith Suresh posted 1461 days ago

    Advaith Suresh

    Who in your opinion is better? Daniel Crowley or Gedion Zelalem? Both play in the same position, have the same build and are almost the same age! And their talent is undeniable. I've seen a lot of them both, but who do you think has more potential? Or do you think it's too early to judge them?