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  • Gray Ghost posted 3262 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Chris, good luck to your Buckeyes in tonight's game! I hope all is going well with you!

  • Kristofer Green posted 3311 days ago

    Kristofer Green

    Ohio State takes over the top spot in the latest Big Ten Power rankings...


  • Ryan Alberti posted 3328 days ago

    Ryan Alberti

    Thanks for the pick, Chris.



  • Gray Ghost posted 3335 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Chris, I hope things are going well for you my friend. I want to recommend a special article for you to read. Everyone needs to read this from Joe Guaar:


  • Kristofer Green posted 3337 days ago

    Kristofer Green

    My take on the Penn State-Ohio State match-up...



  • Gray Ghost posted 3344 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Chris, I appreciate your friendship and attitude. You had nothing to do with my withdrawing from the contest. It is just a matter of principle. I feel that it is set up to be a recruiting contest rather than a writing contest. There were some comment about my articles not being CFB related anyhow, and to avoid any resentment - I have stepped aside which will open a place for someone else. I am going to take a break after my next article on the teen writers of B/R. Thanks again Chris for giving me a pass on my knee-jerk reaction. You are a class act.

  • Gray Ghost posted 3344 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Chris, Just wanted you to know that I have officially withdrawn from the contest.

  • Gray Ghost posted 3345 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Chris, please read my response to your comment on Lisa's article. I made a jackass out of myself by opening my big mouth before I engaged my small brain. What an idiot!

    Go to my profile, email me at my address, and I'll send you a gift card for a meal. I truly apologize. I am beyond worn out by all of this.

  • Ryan Jelley posted 3348 days ago

    Ryan Jelley

    Good to see an actual intelligent OSU fan who doesn't try to poor beer on you or pee on you when visiting the Horseshoe during "The Game".

  • Jeff Contizano posted 3348 days ago

    Jeff Contizano

    Hey nice to see a mature, friendly OSU fan. Good luck the rest of the season.. don't beat us too bad :)