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  • Mighty Birds Of Prey posted 1665 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey

    I hope you're doing well with your post season woes. Maybe before you get tough on the internet, you should wait for your team to actually win it. Remember, your team was only 1/2 a game ahead of the Seahawks. And that last matchup was pretty telling who's team is what.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!

  • Mista Amazing posted 1745 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    This is only the 2nd year you've been good for the past, how many years?? We own ya??

  • Matt Bahr5 posted 1806 days ago

    Matt  Bahr5

    I just got your message Shannon from 28 days ago. Please allow me to say, enjoy your cereal bowl. Once again, I say it...WIN FIRST THEN TALK!

    Oh well, least you will have all off season to figure out away to blame the refs, vernon davis, randy moss, the power out age, the city of New Orleans, the President of the United States and everyone in between for your loss.

  • Will Hardesty posted 1808 days ago

    Will Hardesty

    That's why you shouldn't talk sh*t loser. Must suck to choke in the big game ;)

  • Mighty Birds Of Prey posted 1836 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey

    You're a real class act. You know that?

  • Mr Cain posted 1837 days ago

    Mr Cain

    Well played my friend, well played!

  • Mighty Birds Of Prey posted 1850 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey

    Merry Christmas to you my friend..

    And I'd love to have the 49ers comeback to the CLink. I'd like even better if the Hawks went to Candlestick.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!