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  • Adam Biggers posted 1773 days ago

    Adam Biggers

    Thanks for posting on my board, Will. As for your question of me being a Michigan or Michigan State fan...well, does it matter?! hopefully you read all of my stuff and take it from there!

  • Chris Lane posted 1793 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I just received a message from you about you "hating but still having respect" for my beloved Buckeyes. You are totally correct. We have to be enemies but at the same time respect the other enough to WANT them to do well and be successful without letting anyone know. If Michigan was a horrible squad and my Bucks crushed them every year, THE GAME wouldn't be the best, most well-known rivalry game in all of college football.

    The strange thing is that our hate for each other needs to be put aside for the next few years. We really need to be rooting for fellow Big Ten squads because of this horribly awful "SEC fans" bandwagonning thing that has been going on for a few years now. Even Auburn fans root for Alabama to win just because they want the SEC to be the best conference. Those awful SEC fans actually come to the Buckeye pages and talk about how the SEC is so much better than Ohio State when they are Auburn and Tennessee fans. If Ohio State went 4-8 and Michigan won the national title, Wisconsin won the Rose Bowl and there were 5 Big Ten teams in the top 10 at the end of the season, I wouldn't be going to SEC teams' stories and talking crap to the SEC fans about how awesome the Big Ten is. That is what these new "SEC fans" do though. Every day I end up arguing about how the Big Ten IS a tougher conference than ESPN and the rest of the news world lets on to some Kentucky fan that is trying to tell me how Ohio State going undefeated means nothing because they played an "easy Big Ten schedule". I don't care if you play in the Mountain West Conference.... going undefeated is hard. Every team has a week where they don't play their best. This season, Alabama lost big to Texas A&M and they ended up being the BCS champs. I'm not saying that Texas A&M was a bad squad because they weren't....but remember that Texas A&M was a Big 12 team last season. If Texas A&M was still a Big 12 team, they still would have beaten Alabama... but try telling an "SEC fan" that. They won't even listen.

    OK...My rant is over.....Good luck to you and your Wolverines. Feel free to write to talk crap with me anytime. I always get along well with Michigan fans because I'm good at talking without expressing my hate openly plus I'm smart enough to have respect for the best team in the history of college football even if they have only won a half of a national title since 1948. You guys are still #1, but we are hot and catching you very quickly.... Again, good luck to ya, brother. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Will P posted 1816 days ago

    Will P

    Mostly going to use this to comment, not a writer