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Hi, I'm Jordi, I'm 16 years old, I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I'm currently in my last year before university, and I'm hoping to start studying medicine next year. I'm still dreaming to become a professional wrestler one day in my life, and I probably won't give that dream up coming 15 years.
I started watching wrestling (WWE) about 2 years ago, but not on a "full-time basis" until the beginning of 2012. I also watch ROH, and now and then some other indy promotions, since a few months, and I once watched a TNA match, but that was the biggest crap I've ever seen, so that probably was a once in a lifetime (yes, real once in a lifetime, not Cena vs. Rock once in a lifetime) experience.
Further I'd like to state I speak five different languages (five!!! (I tried to find a picture of Cesaro doing this five signal with his hand but I couldn't find one)) (and I dislike America, but I'm not Antonio Cesaro).
You can follow me on Twitter, I'm probably called @jordiheemskerk, but I wouldn't bother doing that, cause I don't use it anyway.

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