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  • Eagle729 posted 1628 days ago


    True & it is not that Punk is not good, he is the best. However, it gets annoying seeing smarks hung up on him. If he loses 1 match, there will b 3-4 articles saying Y he should have won. lol

  • Eagle729 posted 1629 days ago


    Lets not forget that during the Attitude Era, ppl were comparing Rock to Savage. Both guys have better mic skills than Hogan & Austin. LOL I see u got some Dislike comments when u disagree on Punk being better than Rock. U will get use to that here. Most IWC Smarks luv Punk. :)

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 1629 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    I don't think the dislike of Miz at this point has anything to do with whether or not he was in the Indys. I'm not a casual fan and I don't base my likes on the indys, although I like many from the indys. Just because a wrestler was in independent circuits doesn't mean they aren't worthy, just as not being from there doesn't mean the other wrestlers are not worthy. Also, I don't agree with those who dislike him because he was on a reality show. I adored him when he was a heel. I couldn't understand the hate he was getting. However, now, I totally dislike his face character. Oh, he still has talent. But him being a face is bothersome to me personally. I think this is because his character is just a smug, annoying, instigator. That is not face behavior. It is heel. To me, it seems like he's a face because WWE said he was and that's it. Don't get me wrong. I don't like superhero faces, but there is nothing role model like in Miz's characterization. If he's a face, then why isn't Fandango, or Rollins etc.? He needs to be heel, or start acting like a decent face(not the corny kind either).

  • Justin LaBar posted 1820 days ago

    Justin LaBar

    Thanks for the awesome comment!