Devin Howse

Devin Howse


Different is not bad its whats in I would say. I also Like Chris Paul. Not a big fan of basketball but I do follow him. Like how some Heat fans love Heat cause Lebron is there, Thats how i am with CP3. I dont like baseball but it is fun to play and Andrew McCutcheon has swag that can really help baseball. Im a beginner at this whole writing thing, I actually think I enjoy which is new to me.

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  • Mista Amazing posted 1652 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    They should schedule some nonconference games between us two. Should be fun.

  • Mista Amazing posted 1658 days ago

    Mista Amazing


  • Alaska c130polardrop posted 1705 days ago

    Alaska c130polardrop

    Hey I see your a Colts fan as well. I was a loadmaster on c-130's for several years, but that carried over to a career as an operations manager for air cargo. We used to have charters for the U.S. Postal service every year, where they would contract civilian aircraft (passenger planes) to carry US mail during the christmas season. It was called C-Net, or christmas network. But anyway, one of the planes they natoriously used every year was the Indianapolis Colts plane. Hahahaha! I used to see that sucker a couple of times every year. I remember all the tables inside were shaped like footballs and they had a huge horseshoe in there near the back galley. No players ever onboard though, unfortunately. So never got to meet anyone.