Garry is Bleacher Report's lead Chelsea correspondent.

He has edited publications for The Football League and has also worked for Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC and UEFA, while contributing for TheInsideLeft.com.

He's not just about sport, considering himself a Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen aficionado.

Follow him on Twitter: @garryhayes

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  • fatihin nurul posted 44 days ago

    fatihin nurul
  • Neily D posted 66 days ago

    Neily D

    Are you sure you are not Spurs lead correspondent? You act like it!!

  • Neily D posted 66 days ago

    Neily D

    How the fcuk did you manage to become a fake news journalist. Your blogs are fcuking terrible and you are meant to be the lead Chelsea correspondent. You must have shagged your way to the job as you are writing a whole lot of pish. You never condemned Craig Pawson's woeful performance. Yes he got the 2 red cards correct but you only say he diddn't get all his decisions correct, why not call out the useless referee? He defo wasn't subtle in making a lot of decisions against Chelsea.

    You truly have a face that says smack the fcuk out of me. Keep writing pish it may happen. Gob shyte

  • Ramsey Donald posted 387 days ago

    Ramsey Donald

    well well..if it isnt the most racist stupid journalist to ever write about soccer.this guy is a terrible person. He spent so much energy trying to tear down cuadrado and when the fans start critisizing cahil..he comes to his defense. Gary Hayes is a disgrace to football and he honestly makes me feel depressed and want to join and support arsenal becuase his is th embodiment of those racist chelsea fans on the train in Paris...please stop writing

  • Melanie Klein posted 647 days ago

    Melanie Klein

    Quite possibly, the most biased blog writer in soccer with the anti-Chelsea articles day in day out. Grow up dude.

  • Mark Kroos' Mum posted 748 days ago

    Mark Kroos' Mum

    Just had to share this, since you're Chelsea correspondent. This is too funny, thought the BR fans might appreciate it, and figured passing it onto you was the right way to do that. It's a little old (from before the Southampton game), but still totally on point.


  • Arnaud Pret Personnel posted 843 days ago

    Arnaud Pret Personnel

    Hi Garry,

    Just a message to say you that i like your articles :)

    Continue like That

    Arnaud from pret-personnel-belgique.be

  • Liam Curry posted 899 days ago

    Liam Curry

    Has a village lost an idiot? Clearly. You write absolute drivel. Why don't you go home and have a shave? And while your at it leave my family alone!

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    soccer livescore

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  • Johnny Blaze posted 1006 days ago

    Johnny Blaze

    Hello Garry,
    I am here to apologize for disrespecting you & making some rude comments. I wrote them just out of frustration (not because of Liverpool played good & drew Chelsea) from an argument with my friends who are great Chelsea fans like you but couldn't understand the play. All they do is blindly supporting their club no matter what (which is good in some cases). And then I saw your article which fueled my anger.