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  • Michelle Knittle posted 1757 days ago

    Michelle Knittle

    I love your comments about the Greenbay/Seattle game. I have been doing the same when I comment. I have such a hard time understanding why people are still screaming about that, mainly all of those football "expert" commentators who continue to spout that nonsense when doing so proves that they have not done their homework.

  • Daine Pavloski posted 1824 days ago

    Daine Pavloski

    Hey Dale! I see you're extremely concerned with my lack of follow-up on the Seattle Seahawks piece.

    First, Glad to see my writing effected you so greatly.

    Second, I'm a little alarmed that you are this concerned about my opinion. A majority of the writing on this site is purely opinion-based. As you'll read in my article, I was working solely off stats and the games Wilson struggled in.

    I'd hate to watch any Sports news program like SportsCenter with you if you freak out this much about one incorrect prediction.

    I do acknowledge that I was incorrect, but with the busy writing schedule here at Bleacher Report if everyone had to write a personal apology piece for one team's fanbase every time they predicted something wrong, there would be no time to write anything else.

    Sorry for disappointing you and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy other great writers on Bleacher Report,

    Daine Pavloski