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  • Alex KTK posted 1705 days ago

    Alex  KTK

    Thanks so much, mate!! Really appreciate it! The parade will be coming right in front of my flat so I'm headed in and out now! :-)))))

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 1769 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    well uefa continued the former players theme.
    zlatan,motta,maxwell vs barca
    sniejder,altintop vs madrid.
    almost predictable my friend.

    clash of the managers with klopp vs pellergini.....vidal vs bayern should be good too,they wanted him so bad before juve signed him from bayer after relations between both clubs were strained when hynckes signed to them during the season.

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 1774 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    elections are soon,if madrid does not win the champions league,florentino would have taken a big hit....i expected kaka and alonso to win one and ronaldo to win two before they leave.
    this season has to be it,cause i do expect kaka to leave to make room for bale.

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 1774 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    i would hate to think that the team still needs to be motivated,this is the time of the season that all the early poor perfomances and mistakes can be forgotten,its time madrid made a champions league final.

    to me,the more i look at it is the more i could see mourinho staying another season...the club has given him so much power,even vacating the sporting directors position,it would be tough just to hand over the rein to another manager.

    i like laudraup,but i think the job is too big for him alone.
    i rather like the idea of two former madrid players doing the job,like a laudrup and michel,with zidane doing the sporting director job.....but will these three men feel a joint effort is what they want to do,i doubt it.
    i wish del bosque would take the job after the world cup,but it wont happen i guess.

    the prez had mourinho,wenger and benitez as his three he 1st interviewed.....with the economy as bad as it is,maybe wenger might be approached again,but as a manager,the frenchman stock has dropped,besides i think he might go to monaco.

    the la liga title is a dream,that could be realized if la liga clubs stop thinking they are defeated before playing barca.....take depor,i expected much more,having seen how hard they played madrid.
    lets see how celta play barca in two weeks.
    madrid will need to score big and put pressure on barca,who seem to have a power struggle going on,with messi against villa.

    i think barca will lose 2 games and draw three,which should open back up the title race,should we keep winning.....but it`s weather barca crumble or not is the question.

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 1774 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    not sure who i`m hoping for really,but i could make a guess of who might draw who.

    dortmund vs bayern.
    juve vs milan/barca
    madrid vs schalke/galatasary.
    psg vs malaga/porto.

    with the winners of the juve vs milan or barca tie playing the winner of the psg vs malaga or porto tie.... the winner of the madrid vs schalke/galatasary tie vs the winner of the dortmund vs bayern tie.

    madrid will need to get over their poor record in germany if we are to reach the finals,which could see mourinho use the three man midfield ;)

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 1784 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    i also blame mourinho alot,he is still a saboteur in my eyes,but since i have seen this performance from the team,i might be a little less prone to call for the three man midfield....although i want to believe it`s why he forced the club to bring in modric,maybe we might see it saturday.

    saturday`s starting 11:
    essien pepe carvalho/albiol marcelo

    ronaldo for alonso at 60minutes.
    arbeloa for khedira at halftime with essien going into midfield.
    ozil for higuain after 70minutes.

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 1786 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    managed to catch the game today.....the whole team played well,with di maria,varane and ronaldo the standouts.

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 1795 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    thanks for the conversation we had today.....going to watch some nba all star weekend,maybe we can link after the rayo game tomorrow.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1800 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thank you very, very much, amigo. I am so appreciative and do feel missed. I want to write whenever possible because of the great respect and communication I get from fans like yourself. It is very humbling to hear from you and I will do my best to write whenever time allows.

  • Samrin Hasib posted 1821 days ago

    Samrin Hasib

    Thanks so much for the fan add!