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  • Rick McMahan posted 1571 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Hi Jerry, thanks for the meassage and I agree with al of your points. I am disappointed that Haden caved in to the pressure from fans and boosters and I fell this knee jerk reaction will hurt USC in the short term and perhaps even longer.

    Those who called for Kiffin's head have got their wish and now they will have to deal with the fallout. I hope Orgeron and Martin and the rest keep working hard but ultimatey, the reality is that there is little incentive for them to consider USC's long term success under these circumstances.

  • Rick McMahan posted 1587 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Hi Jerry, thanks for the note and I apologize for this reply being brief but things are pretty crazy now and I am pressed for time. My take on Kiffin is that I have tried to support him for the last couple of years and now I am pretty disillusioned by his job performance. Yes, he is saddled with a pair of underachieving QB's but you have to remember, these were his recruits and they have had two years in the system.

    Of course, blown blocks resulting in blocked field goals and missed assignments have not helped Kiffin's cause but my question is that if he is tailoring a "dumbed down" offense because of the lack of ability of his quarterbacks, whose fault is that? It is Kiffin's of course and now he has to take responsibility...

    Thanks again my friend!

  • Rick McMahan posted 1683 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Thank you Jerry and though I do make some modest money writing for B/R, I mostly do this because of readers like you. If my meager offerings somehow help you pass the day and I can offer any tidbit about USC that you find interesting, that is reward enough for me.

    Thanks again buddy....:)

  • Rick McMahan posted 1684 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Jerry, I did answer your question about Kiffin taking the job. I said he would have taken the job regardless of the sanctions. This is what I wrote:

    "As for Kiffin's taking this job knowing the obstacles ahead of him, still stand by that. He knew what he was getting into, or atleast was aware of the possibilities that lay ahead. It was a choice he made and one that I am willing to offer concessions to but not excuse him for. The sanctions have been a huge problem but again, this was not necessarily unexpected given the useless sanctioning body involved."

    Jerry, please don't misunderstand me, but in addition to being a full time teach and doing my best to answer the readers, I am battling leukemia and sometimes things can be overwhelming. I am confiding in you about my illness so PLEASE don't mention this publicly. Thanks my friend...

  • Rick McMahan posted 1684 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Hi Jerry, I responded to your post about the "Over/Under" article. As for any players who have transferred and hit it big, there have been a few although none recently. Here is a link to an article that hits on that topic: