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  • Mark Reynolds posted 1586 days ago

    Mark Reynolds

    OPS is just on-base plus slugging percentage, it has nothing to do with runs scored or driven in. In high-leverage, clutch situations this year, Belt is hitting .348. I just don't buy that he isn't clutch because his RBI total is low.

  • Roger Weston posted 1689 days ago

    Roger Weston

    I'm sorry that you think I am a mean person ... that is far from the truth.
    I would never purposely misread something ... if I made a mistake I apologize ... I may come across strong in my opinion study ... I am a fan of the game and have my own perspective. I played baseball for a lot of years and I watch a lot of baseball. Of course I am also a Giant fan and so my comments are from that perspective ... just like every other fan. I try to stay objective yet I find most B/R articles are about stirring the pot and getting a polarized view of baseball ... I know that they assign writers stories and they have no choice in the matter and they do the best that they can to write on their assignments. Mark Reynolds is a good writer. I enjoy all of his work and will admit for some reason or another I might have come across as critical of this one on Belt ... but it is in fact a well written piece that tells it like it is. He didn't jump to conclusions ... he wrote the facts and represented Brandon fairly. I happen to think Belt will mature and become an asset offensively. Their are of course those who don't think so and choose the more negative view and that is their right ,,, it's how it goes. I hold to my view that Brandon Belt will be an asset in more ways than his glove this season. Mark didn't say he wouldn't.

    Once again ... I'm sorry if I offended you ... certainly wasn't my intention. I hope that you are having an awesome weekend! Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • Mark Reynolds posted 1691 days ago

    Mark Reynolds

    Your Braves are off to quite the start my friend. There's a lot of power in that lineup. I'm very glad that you are still reading and commenting on my articles. I look forward to talking baseball with you this year.