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  • amber proctor posted 1460 days ago

    amber proctor

    I love.. wwe.. its great

  • Long gone posted 1465 days ago

    Long gone

    Wazzup AG?

  • AJ lee posted 1522 days ago

    AJ lee


  • Dan Riaz posted 1540 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Alright mate?

  • The GOAT 12 posted 1545 days ago

    The GOAT 12


    The Rock and Bryan have a lot of similarities.
    WWE booked them like cr@p.

    The way wwe booked him compared to Austin's booking was much more different.
    Austin won pretty much all of his matches, especially PPV matches.

    In 1999-00, The Rock had 26 PPV matches, he only won 12 of them.

    Bryan is booked like crap as well compared to guys like punk and cena, bryan lost his first world title in an 18 second match to Sheamus. His first two wwe title reigns lasted less than 24 hours.

    Bryan and Rock both started as extremely boring rookies. Bryan's heel turn saved his career and made him interesting, same with The Rock.

    Both The Rock and Bryan lost 2 consecutive WWE title matches (against Austin at Mania 15 and backlash ; against Punk at MITB and Over the limit 12) then they turned face again by joining unlikely partners (Mankind ; Kane) and they both shined the most in that team and then when their team split up Rocky went on to face/beat hhh for the wwf title and bryan went on to face/beat cena for the wwe title.

    Rock and Bryan had a funny segment with Bryan in raw 1000, they had chemistry on the mic and bryan works well with bigger guys (had great matches with cena, ryback...).

    and rocky is getting old so he needs someone to carry him to a great match, bryan CAN do it.

    and bryan beating the rock would be a huge boost for his career.

    also, in raw 1000 bryan said one day, rock will face bryan and when he does, he'll be the face of the wwe.
    bryan is now face of the wwe

  • The GOAT 12 posted 1545 days ago

    The GOAT 12

    You don't want The Rock vs Bryan?

  • The GOAT 12 posted 1545 days ago

    The GOAT 12

    Which Rocky matches do you most want to see at WMXXX (by order):

    1-Rock vs HHH
    2-Rock vs Bryan
    3-Rock vs Brock II
    4-Rock vs Taker
    5-Rock vs Orton

  • The GOAT 12 posted 1545 days ago

    The GOAT 12

    Hahahahahaha that's my AG right there. Our Rocky is the best

  • The GOAT 12 posted 1545 days ago

    The GOAT 12

    ROck > Austin

  • The Cowardula posted 1548 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Wow this goes against all signs, since he was standing tall this week, I assumed he would lose tonight. But yeah they will probably strip him of the title. Interesting finish tho