Freelance journalist and writer of 10 football books, including The Chelsea Miscellany, The England Compendium and The Vision Book of Football Records 2013.
I'm a longstanding Chelsea fan and a former editor of the club's official monthly magazine. As well as watching football I enjoying playing it too, and once turned out in a charity game at Stamford Bridge, which was a big thrill.

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  • Kourosh Kesh posted 1622 days ago

    Kourosh Kesh

    Oh its a shame, but i guess thats your choice, i hope there are other places that we can read your articles...

  • Rowanne Westhenry posted 1642 days ago

    Rowanne Westhenry

    Your 'All-time Sports Moment' is legendary.

  • Kourosh Kesh posted 1669 days ago

    Kourosh Kesh

    Waiting for reflections on Chelsea's recent games...
    best articles out

  • Chris McMorrow posted 1720 days ago

    Chris McMorrow

    Absolutely! Hope I was helpful.

  • Kelly R posted 1734 days ago

    Kelly R

    Welcome! Glad to help out it was a great read!

  • Andrew Bors posted 1736 days ago

    Andrew Bors

    No problem, Clive. Glad to help.

  • Jason Dunbar posted 1740 days ago

    Jason Dunbar

    Hi Clive, thanks for adding that link. As far as where your story ends up, it's not solely determined by what tags you apply. There's also another department (separate from copy editing) whose job it is to program what goes where. So for whatever reason they haven't placed any of your stuff on the Chelsea homepage yet. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I don't have any say in story placement. Having said that, you put out some quality work so I don't see why you'll have trouble gaining prominent placement if you keep at it.

  • Jane Moon posted 1741 days ago

    Jane Moon

    You're welcome! Always glad to help when I can.

  • Jane Moon posted 1741 days ago

    Jane Moon

    Hello, Clive. You're very welcome! I had fun reading. I removed the EPL tag, so that should do it!