W Chambers

W Chambers


6 foot 3 1/4 tall, dark and handsome. kidding.
studying Biology at University.
Have written for secondary school and university newspapers and played rugby, tennis, cricket, basketball for them too.
Love reading and writing in general and was looking for a place to channel the comments and arguments my friends and I make, when watching sports.

I also want to give the perspective of people who have actually played a lot of competitive sports and how they feel about things in general.

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  • Ricky Granados posted 2565 days ago

    Ricky Granados

    Hey, seen Cristiano play lately??? looks like the little basterd is finally getting better!

  • Zak Sadik posted 2589 days ago

    Zak Sadik

    This is a response to your message you sent to me on Bleacher Report:

    listen bro, we've reached the 1st 8 games of the season... and so far, you're predictions are wrong anyway.

    Going into that Jazz game, the Heat were 1st in multiple defensive categories, including opponent FG% and opponent scoring... and the Heat were 4th in points allowed in the paint... 4TH!!!!!! that means we're better than 26 teams defending in the paint! and ur thinking that ur predictions are right??? dont criticize the team for having one terrible half against an extremely lucky Jazz team...

    Spo himself said he's giving his team until game #20 to reach its potential on both sides of the ball.

  • Liz Crooks posted 2650 days ago

    Liz Crooks

    your article on roger federer was articulate and insightful. you described what federer did that night perfectly. i was fascinated by fed's demenor and shot selection. he seemed to take soderling apart. not many writers can
    describe what he does on court, let alone truly understand
    his abilities.
    thanks for doing him justice

  • Xeno-philous F posted 2653 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    Are you on Facebook? If so, are you search-able with with "Whitaker W H Chambers III"?

  • Dan The MAN posted 2661 days ago

    Dan The MAN

    Fill out your bio dumb ass. You dont have many fans do you?

  • Bill Gardner posted 2683 days ago

    Bill Gardner

    Your ronaldo article is good but change the 20, 30 40 feet to meters or yards which is what you meant to say. He is still 700 goals shy of Pele by the way