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Randy is one-half of the team that is Cocky and Arrogant: A Detroit Pistons Fan Blog. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he spends his time regretting the fact that he has moved 2,426 miles (yes, he really did GoogleMap it) from the The Palace of Auburn Hills where he has spent the last 3 years as a full time season ticket holder in Section 202. He welcomes all fan and hate mail at

Frank Cao is the [not so] (because he does not have the editing power) better half of cocky and arrogant and is planning on going to Detroit for med school for the next four years to follow up on the Pistons...err learn medicine. His favorite teams are Michigan football, Detroit hockey and basketball.

[21:41] frankplayspiano:
[21:41] ipsterrji: ?
[[21:43] ipsterrji: hahaha
[21:43] ipsterrji: 3rd quarter collapse is an orlando magic blog name
[21:43] ipsterrji: how fitting
[21:44] frankplayspiano: i know right?
[21:44] frankplayspiano: i found it hilarious
[21:44] frankplayspiano: we should make a pistons blog called "too cocky and arrogant for you"
[21:44] ipsterrji: hahaha
[21:44] ipsterrji: that would be hilarious
[21:44] ipsterrji: let's do it

And thus Cocky and Arrogant was born...

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  • Richard O'Neal posted 3074 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Tracy McGrady is changing his jersey number. Tell me what you think about this by providing a comment!


  • Dallas Wilson posted 3485 days ago

    Dallas Wilson

    No problem dudes.

  • Ryan Messing posted 3486 days ago

    Ryan Messing

    Ya you might be right, they're definitely projected higher by most people, but I've heard concerns about Mayo's athleticism. Part of it could also be that I live in Michigan and I've had a lot more exposure to Gordon, even back to his high school career, although I did think more of Mayo coming out of high school.

  • David Richardson posted 3491 days ago

    David Richardson

    I think if the Pistons can win 2 on the road (for the whole series) they've won the series, maybe even 1 win on the road will do it.